{Not} Back to School Blog Hop, Day in the Life week

The mission this week is to describe a typical day in our homeschool life. This could be a problem. We don’t have 2 days that are the same. There is nothing “typical” about our life. How do I describe it? I guess I’ll start with the ideal day and work from there.

The day starts for me at about 6:30 when I get up to milk the cows. I get back in the house around 9:00, shower and get any jobs done like starting a load of laundry, taking food out of the freezer for dinner, picking up anything that needs picking up. By this time the boys are supposed to be up, have eaten their breakfasts and be out doing a few chores outside and my daughter up and getting herself ready.

Chores, etc are done by 10:00 and school starts. I’ve tried to get started earlier, but it doesn’t work. We spend the rest of the morning working on school. The kids each have a list of what their assignments are for the day that I print up for them. They can do their school in whatever order they want, as long as they do it. My oldest prefers to do his favorite first, and my daughter gets the worst out of the way. We take a lunch break around noon and then get back to the books to finish school by 3:00 at the latest.

Supper is around 5:00, then the cows get milked again and calves fed and everybody is back in the house to relax before bed.

This plan would work great if we didn’t have so many variables in our schedules. Every day has something added to it:
Mondays–co-op day, soccer practice (through October) and 4-H meetings once a month
Tuesdays–Bible study, soccer and piano lessons
Thursdays–soccer and barbershop

Then, there are cows that don’t cooperate and take long to milk or get out of their fence and have to be chased back in, calves being born that need to be taken care of, kids that stall and procrastinate so that a 30 minute lesson takes 2 hours to complete… One never knows what will come up around here 🙂

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