Project 365, Days 282-285

Day 282, August 26: The problem that occurs when you stuff an oversized marshmallow in your mouth? Trouble closing your mouth and “chipmunk cheeks”

Day 283: Eric bought a car for himself. It’s a 1997 Ford Escort with 150,000 miles. He’s not old enough to drive until November, but he loves his car. He has been found in the last 2 days just sitting in the car with a grin on his face.

Day 284: We spent the day at a park with cousins. Janelle, in the middle of the canoe, went for a ride down the river. Later, she and her cousin took kayaks down the river.

Day 285: Yes, her skin is as red as it looks in this picture. After a day at the pool with a friend today, she is a bit sunburned.

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