Menu Plan Monday

What’s for dinner this week? How about lunch? I actually planned both meals for most days this week, including side dishes. I’m still using meals from my last Once a month cookng day, but I also plan some every week that I cook from scratch.

Monday: Lunch: Brats (leftover from our bonfire last night)
                      Dinner: Skillet BBQ pork chops with golden fried potatoes

Tuesday: Lunch: Pizza
                       Dinner: Crock pot roast beef w/ potatoes and carrots

Wednesday: Lunch: Chicken nuggets and french fries
                              Dinner: Hawaiian meatballs with crispy wontons and fried rice

Thursday: Lunch: Jack bacon burgers (Burgers stuffed with monterrey jack cheese and wrapped in bacon)
                           Dinner: Leftovers

Friday: Lunch: Beef Taco soup
                   Dinner: Bacon chicken

Saturday: Dinner: French dip sandwiches

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