Project 365, Days 292-298

Day 292, Sept 5: We had a bonfire with friends over Labor Day weekend. The boys went paintballing, the girls played, we all ate brats, pudgie pies and smores.

Day 293: A major thunderstorm went through our area first thing in the morning. We even had hail.

Day 294: Eric had his first ever soccer game this week. The weather was cold and windy, with a hint of rain. Eric’s team lost, but he had fun.

Day 295: Fried wontons. Part of a delicious dinner.

Day 296: This picture doesn’t show it very well, but the kitten and Jet like hanging out together. Kittay plays with Jet’s tail and curls up by him to sleep. However, everytime I take out the camera, they move.

Day 297: Kittay loves to help herself to the dog’s food. She won’t eat her own dry food, only the canned stuff, but has no problem eating the dog’s dry food. What’s up with that?

Day 298: It’s time for our church’s annual Worship Celebration. Greg is always involved. This year he danced in one song and is up front holding one of the crowns. He’s the 2nd from the left in the line wearing blue shirts.

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