Project 365, Days 299-306

Day 299, Sept 12: Kittay and Jet love each other.

Day 300: First day of this year’s co-op classes. We have a Biology lab class where the students were given time to find insects for their insect collections.

Day 301: Eric plays goalie on his soccer team. They haven’t won a game yet, but they are getting better.

Day 302: Janelle got a new puppy today. He’s a Malti-Poo, a cross between a Maltese and a Poodle. His name is Blizzard.

Day 303: Greg with Blizzard

Day 304, Sept 17, end of month 10: Blizzard, again. Yes, he’s the main focus of our life right now.

Day 305: New baby calf. Not a great photo. I took this one with my phone

Day 306: Another one with my phone. This is of a skit that both boys were in during church this morning.

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