Once-a-Month Cooking, step 2

I’ve chosen the recipes, I’ve cleaned the refrigerator and freezer. I have 2 friends joining me on Saturday. My shopping list is ready and I’m getting groceries tomorrow. So, what’s the next step for me? Organization.

It is now time for me to go through all the recipes I’ve chosen and decide what order to prepare them in. There are recipes that are prepared in a crock pot, stove top, oven or those that just have to be assembled and fozen. I have 3 crock pots and a big roaster, so I take the recipes requiring the crock pot and put them in order. I’ll start 4 of them tomorrow night and let them cook all night, and then do 4 more during the day on Saturday.

The oven recipes have to be organized based on oven temp and cook time. For the stove top ones, I do 2 at a time, plus I can use my electric skillet for some.

Once all the recipes are organized, I’ll have to do some cleaning. I can’t spend the whole day cooking if my kitchen and dining room are a mess. I need the space for cooking.

Stay tuned, an update will be coming tomorrow night.

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