Once-a-Month Cooking, Step 3

Tomorrow’s the big day. Today, was prep day. That meant grocery shopping. My daugher and I hit Wal Mart earlier today and filled a cart so full I could hardly even push it. Seriously, my arms are sore (yes, I know, I’m a wimp). We needed an extra cart while checking out to hold it all. I spent about $250, which seems like a lot. However, when divided between all the recipes and meals I’m making, it comes out to about $5 a recipe.

The rest of my prep day has been spent getting the kitchen and dining room cleaned up so that I can cook all day tomorrow with my friends. A whole day of cooking makes enough of a mess, I don’t need to start out with one.

If I have enough energy left after cleaning, I hope to get a couple of things started in some crock pots to cook all night. Then, tomorrow morning, after the cows are milked, the cooking begins in full force.

One thought on “Once-a-Month Cooking, Step 3

  1. Best wishes with the cooking! 🙂
    I’ve done once-a-month cooking in the past.
    It’s worth it!
    Looking forward to browsing your blog.
    I grew up on a diary farm.

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