Once-a-Month Cooking, All Done!

Today was cooking day. I didn’t get anything cooking last night like I had planned. My house didn’t get cleaned like I wanted it to. I wasn’t as organized as I wanted to be. But, it was cooking day anyway. Two friends came over and we spent the day making meals to put in our freezers.

This is what my table looked like when we began. It takes a lot of ingredients to prepare as many meals as wek did. Both of my friends made 7 and I did 25 (actually, only 21 are done, some are still simmering in crock pots).

The crock pot station. There was one more crock pot added later.  These were the first meals to get started, since they needed the longest cooking time. The crock pots had spaghetti sauce, brown sugar ribs, smothered steak, barbecued chicken and barbecued beef. Once these were done, I started BBQ bean soup, minestrone, and cheesy meatball soup.

Working hard. Several of the meals were assembled without much cooking and were great to do later in the day when feet started to get tired.

Greg chopped several pounds of onions for us, and kitchen clean up was an ongoing task.

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