Project 365, Days 307-314

Day 307, Sept 20: Janelle and her friend playing in the tree. I think they were trying to launch things into the air off the branch.

Day 308: Another secret sister swap from the Homeschool Lounge.

Day 309: Blizzard’s first bath


Day 310: Eric plays goalie on our local homeschool soccer team.

Day 311: Janelle and Blizzard relaxing

Day 312: Once a month cooking day. This is the table set up just for crock pots. We had food prep going on on the counters, the table, food cooking on the stove, in the oven, in crock pots. A lot of food prepared in one day.

Day 313: Blizzard, again. Yes, we take a lot of pictures of our new puppy 🙂

Day 314: Mondays are co-op days. This is Exploratory Spanish, a class for grades 5-8. They’re playing “Go Fish” as part of a way to learn their numbers.

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