Tis the season

There are 12 weeks until Christmas. Here in Wisconsin, it’s hard to imagine Christmas. Until today, the weather has been warm. OK, so today was a bit cooler, with a high around 50. That’s still too warm for Christmas. However, the fact remains that there are 12 weeks until Christmas. That means that today is the day I begin my annual journey through my holiday planner. I use The 12-Week Holiday Planner for the Christian Family.

This is an organizer that covers all aspects of holiday planning. Each week there are different things to get done so that by Christmas, everything is done and organized and clean and all I have to do is relax.  At least, that’s the theory behind the organizer. I don’t do everything in it and there are always some things that I plan on doing that don’t get done. But, in general, it’s a very helpful tool for me.

The list of things to get done this week is fairly long:
Make lists for Christmas gifts, Christmas cards, Thanksgiving menus, Christmas menus, New Years menus, baked items to give
away, Holiday baking to put in the freezer, favorite meals to freeze for later
Start making recipe cards for all the planned recipes

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