Menu Plan Monday, October 4, 2010

This week’s menus have a new challenge. I am going to be gone for a few days starting on Friday. This means that I need to plan menus that my guys are able to prepare on their own. Thankfully, with a freezer full of meals, it’s not too difficult to find a few for them to use.

Monday: Lunch: Pizza
                      Dinner: Bird’s nest pie

Tuesday: Lunch: Macaroni & Cheese
                       Dinner: Cola Chicken

Wednesday: Lunch: Grilled Ham & Cheese
                              Dinner: Pork chops (carried over from last week)

Thursday: Lunch: Hot dogs
                           Dinner: Leftovers

Friday: Lunch: Chicken nuggets
                  Dinner: Sloppy Joe casserole

Saturday: Lunch: Brats
                        Dinner: Tacos

Sunday: Lunch: Minestrone soup
                     Dinner: Pizza

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