Project 365, Days 315-321

Day 315, Sept 28: A hint of fall. Leaves are starting to turn color and fall off the trees, the corn is turning brown.

Day 316: Janelle spent the day shopping at the mall with a friend. Here she’s at Build-a-Bear, choosing an outfit for her new owl named Freckles. After at stop to buy clothes at Justice, we were back at Build-a-Bear for a bear Hershey.

Day 317: A rainy soccer game. There was just enough rain to make the spectators damp and the field a bit slick.

Day 318: More hints of fall.

Day 319: A foggy, frosty morning

Day 320: In our house, when the Packers are playing, everybody cheers for them, even the non-humans 🙂

Day 321: Greg worked hard in art class on his drawing of a cow. Of course, the rest of the class was drawing ducks…

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