Project 365, Days 329-337

Day 329, October 12, 2010: More fall. Most of our trees are bare now and the leaves need to be raked.

Day 330: It’s harvest time and that  means our front lawn starts to look like a machinery dealer. Tractors, wagons, and a variety of harvest tools.

Day 3331: I had a chance to do some geocaching again. A lot of the caches I’ve been finding are in old, small cemeteries.

Day 332: More geocaching on a beautiful fall day. Can you tell I love fall? 🙂

Day 333: Another one of Greg’s amazing talents 🙂

Day 334, October 17, 11 months done, only 1 to go! I just picked up a pig that we had butchered, so now I have a freezer full of pork.

Day 335: At the County 4-H awards, all 3 kids got a gold award on their record books.

Day 336: Fun in Spanish class. These are the girls from my Exploratory Spanish class getting something from the prize bag.

Day 337: Blizzard loves to play with shoes and slippers. He also loves to make a mess. The shredded bits of white stuff in this picture are pieces of my tablecloth that he destroyed. He pulled it off the table, while there was stuff on it and tore it to pieces. It’s a good thing he’s so cute 🙂

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