Project 365, Days 338-344

Day 338, Oct 21: New kittens were born a couple of weeks ago. This little guy wandered away from the others, so of course we had to bring him in the house for a few minutes šŸ™‚

Day 339: Eric’s last soccer game of the season. His team lost 0-8, but it was a great game. The score doesn’t tell you how the game actually was. The team we were playing had as many high school juniors and seniors as we had 5th-8th graders. They were older, bigger and better than us. But, we still played a great game, and they never gave up.

Day 340: Cool sunset on the way to Madison.

Day 341: Cool puppy šŸ™‚

Day 342: Janelle made this cake for the American Girl class at co-op. They are learning about Molly, and today was the day to celebrate her birthday. Today was also Janelle’s birthday, so it was kind of a party for her, too.

Day 343: Blizzard loves sleeping in bins, bags, anything that he can crawl into or onto. This is the drawer that has all of Eric’s school books in it. How can Eric do school when it would mean disturbing this adorable guy?

Day 344: Another swap from the Homeschool Lounge. This was a fall decoration swap.

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