Project 365, Days 358-365: One whole year in photos complete!

Day 358, November 10: The main problem of having a white dog? He needs frequent baths, especially with living on a muddy farm. He’s never too happy to get a bath, but he’s small so he never wins the battle.

Day 359: We’ve obtained 2 more rabbits. This one is Chips. What’s 2 more when you already have 13? 🙂

Day 360: 3 of the 4 new kittens in the barn. They’re finally old enough to start roaming around a bit with their mama.

Day 361: I love sunrises at this time of year, and since the time change, they actually occur at a convenient time for me to see them.

Day 362: What does a 16 year old want to do for his birthday? Go paintballing with his friends. They spent a cold and rainy afternoon running around shooting each other with paintballs and had a great time.

Day 363: Eric’s 16th birthday. How did he get so old so fast?

Day 364: There won’t be too many more days like this, where I’ll be able to get pictures with green grass in them. Snow will soon be covering the grass, so for now, I’m enjoying scenes like this one.

Day 365. One whole year of photos done!!: Janelle is playing video games in our living room. A birthday a few days ago means new games to play today. I really wanted something earth-shattering and amazing for my last photo of the year. What could be more spectacular and amazing than my 11 year old daughter?

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