Project 365–Year 2, Days 1-7

Day 1, Nov 18: To start out a new year of Project 365, I took a picture of Blizzard, our puppy. I seem to take a lot of photos of the cute little guy.

Day 2: One of the things I enjoy doing  is participating in Secret Sister Swaps through The Homeschool Lounge. I just completed a Christmas Ornament swap and these are the beautiful ornaments I received from my secret sister.

Day 3: Did I mention I take a lot of photos of this puppy?

Day 4: Roland is sporting an interesting look today 🙂

Day 5: This is the Biology Lab class that I teach for a group of homeschoolers. Here they’re testing the taste buds and finding out if different flavors are only tasted in certain areas of the tongue.

Day 6: The queen of mult-tasking. Janelle is watching TV, playing on the laptop and talking on the phone

Day 7: I had some help in the kitchen getting ready for Thanksgiving dinner. Greg is the chief pie-maker in our family and here he’s making the crust for a pumpkin pie.

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