Project 365, Days 8-24

I can’t believe I haven’t had time to update in almost 3 weeks! Time for a lot of  photos!

Day 8: Thanksgiving this year was just for 4 of us. Eric was in California, so the rest of us had a nice quiet dinner.

Day 9: Family game night. We’re playing Rigamarole. Greg is using his foot to write a word for his partner to guess.

Day 10: Greg was the turkey carver for Thanksgiving this year. That also included cleaning more meat off the bones a couple days later. 17 pounds of turkey lasts a while when there are only 4 people eating it.

Day 11: Janelle in Culver’s

Day 12: Eric is now a licensed driver. After getting back from the DMV, where he passed his driving test with flying colors, he had to pose for a photo of what not to do while driving. Earbuds, energy drink, texting. Yeah, he’s ready to drive 🙂

Day 13: Janelle is showing her best manners in Denny’s on the way to Iowa.

Day 14, Dec 1, 2010: The Jolly Green Giant statue in Blue Earth, MN

Day 15: Spending time in Grandma’s hospital room

Day 16: Can’t decide which dress she likes better. This one or…

Day 17: …this one.

Day 18: Leaving Iowa, we passed this ethanol plant. Not exciting, but I don’t have too many other options. The drive from Sioux Center to Waupun isn’t always the most interesting or scenic.

Day 19: Biology class. This week, we’re testing different foods for protien, starch, glucose and lipids.

Day 20: Blizzard stayed at a friend’s house while we were gone. He missed Janelle so much that he spent the next 2 days sleeping in her suitcase, surrounded by her things when she wasn’t around.

Day 21: This is how Eric likes to do school–by spending the day listening to music and watching videos on his phone. Too bad the things he likes to watch aren’t overly educational.

Day 22: Does playing with candles count as school?

Day 23: Janelle had her first 4-H meeting of the year. In cake decorating, she made this gingerbread house.

Day 24: Blizzard is all ready for Christmas.

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