Project 365, Days 25-33

Day 25, December 12: Our first blizzard of the season. We had snow and 40 mile an hour winds, followed by below zero temps. Everything was closed and cancelled, including our church. That meant the Sunday School Christmas program was postponed for a week. It was a day to stay in and stay warm.

Day 26: The girls from the American Girl co-op class had a Christmas party.

Day 27: One result of the blizzard was a lot of snow in the shed with the bunnies. It collected on the spider webs and filled one cage.

Day 28: Christmas decorating finally started. Janelle set up the nativity set today.

Day 29: And the next day, the tree went up and was decorated.

Day 30, 1 month done: Sunset over the snowy field

Day 31: It’s hard to see in this photo, but there is a flock of wild turkeys in the field. I’ve seen them there several times this week.

Day 32: Janelle has started learning guitar, again. Practice is very important 🙂

Day 33: Mt Sockmore. Maybe I should sort and fold socks more often?

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