Project 365, Days 34-44

Day 34, December 21: Some cows are confused about how to go into the parlor and which end is needed for milking. This is one of those cows.

Day 35: Eric bought himself a guitar for Christmas and today it came!

Day 36: The presents are all ready for Christmas Eve.

Day 37: Christmas Eve meant opening presents 🙂

Day 38: Blizzard spent some time outside on Christmas and came in just a little bit muddy. Time for a quick bath before being allowed to run through the house!

Day 39: We drove to Iowa to spend some time with family there. The trees in Minnesota were all covered in a beautiful frost.

Day 40: Snow football is becoming a tradition in my family. The cousins, plus a few adults, spent an afternoon playing.

Day 41: Another family tradition–games. We played several different games over the couple of days I was in Iowa. This is Heartland Strategy and Quiddler in the background.

Day 42: More Quiddler for Greg, Barb, Jordan and Teri.

Day 43: The drive home was a bit foggy.

Day 44: Back to work milking cows. This is mama cat, Rat, and 2 of her babies helping themselves to some of the waste milk. There are 2 other kittens, but they’re a bit too shy to some in the parlor.

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