Bible in 90 Days, Day 15


I just finished with day 15 of the Bible in 90 Days challenge. I started out this week a couple of days behind, but managed to find time to get caught up. It’s hard to believe that I am already through the first 5 books. Genesis to Deuteronomy in only 15 days. My plan had been to do regular blogging about what I’m reading. A lack of time has prevented me from doing this so far. My goal was to find one verse every day that said something to me. That I have been doing.

Today, the verse  was at the end of my reading, Deut 34:7: Moses was 120 years old when he died, yet his eyesight was clear, and he was as strong as ever. After 40 years of leading the Israelites through the desert, 40 hard years of being a leader to all those people, he was still as strong as ever and his eyesight was still clear. God provided for him, kept him strong and healthy so he could do the job God had for him.

The God that provided the strength Moses needed is the same God who does the same for me. No matter what the situation, God will provide what I need. The question is, do I trust Him to do so? When faced with challenges, do I trust that God will handle them or do I try to face them on my own strength? No challenge is too big for God, but they sure get too big for me.

My challenge for myself: trust God. He is in control and He will provide whatever I need.

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