Project 365, Days 59-66

Day 59, January 15: Janelle and Blizzard watching the Packer game.

Day 60: Blizzard loves to hang out by the shoes and slippers that are left by our front door. He usually carries my slippers from the door to my bedroom. Janelle’s shoes get carried all over the house.

Day 61, January 17, Month #2: In our biology labs, we dissected frogs. Eric’s frog seems to be eating his finger 🙂

Day 62: Blizzard, again. It’s been a slow week at our house and Blizzard seems to end up as the subject of lots of pictures. Here, he’s trying to get a little treat from Janelle’s lunch.

Day 63: This one didn’t turn out very well. Blizzard loves running around outside with Jet. The snow is deeper than he is tall right now, so he has to jump through the snow. It’s so cute 🙂

Day 64: Notice the outdoor temp: -9. That’s after the thermometer had been in the sun for almost an hour. It was really cold this morning.

Day 65: More Blizzard. He’s “helping” with the laundry.

Day 66: I did a Once a Month cooking day. This is one of the dishes–cola barbecue. It smelled so good in the crock pot all day. Can’t wait to try it.

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