Once-a-Month Cooking, with a twist

I decided late last week that I needed to do another fill the freezer, Once-a-Month cooking session. However, I didn’t feel like spending hours at the grocery store getting all the supplies I’d need. So, I challenged myself. I did a cooking day using only the ingredients I already had in the house, with the exception of 2 pounds of cheese. I figured I’d get a couple of meals in the freezer, at least enough to get me through until I had time to plan and shop for a full cooking day. The result was 19 meals. I was surprised that I was able to do that many.

The meal list for the day is:
Spaghetti sauce (3 meals, we already ate one)
Chicken noodle soup (2 melas)
Chili (2 meals)
Bacon Meatloaf (2 meals)
Meatballs (2 meals to be made into things like sweet & sour meatballs or swedish meatballs)
Cola barbecue
Chicken a la King
Almost Ravioli
Batter fried shrimp
Beef stuffed french bread
Cheesy ham & potatoes
Cowboy barbecue

Here are a couple of photos from my day:

Half of the meatballs ready for the oven.

The spaghetti sauce cooks all day in a crock pot. It smells so good!

The shrimp are frozen after the batter is on and then, once they’re frozen, put into freezer bags for later use.

All done and in the freezer.

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