Project 365, Days 67-75

Day 67, January 23: Green Bay Packers vs Chicago Bears in the NFC playoffs. Packers won and are on their way to the Super Bowl!! 🙂

Day 68: Best of friends, Janelle and Jessy at art class

Day 69: One of our cardinals in a tree in the front of the house.

Day 70: We’re having some electrical work done on our barn. It seems a bit cold to me to be up in a bucket like this.

Day 71: Another swap from the Homeschool Lounge. This one was a “family” swap, things to do as a family on those cold, winter days and nights. We got 2 computer games, a Casting Crowns CD and a science “lab in a box”

Day 72: Janelle made this blanket tonight while I was out in the barn milking cows.

Day 73: I gave our bedroom a quick make-over. New bedding and curtains. First time in over 11 years we’ve had anything new in this room.

Day 74: After a weekend retreat with youth group, Greg spent the evening wrapped in a blanket relaxing. Sleep was what he needed, but going to bed early isn’t in his vocabulary.

Day 75: Christine was enjoying herself while dissecting a fish in biology.

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