Project 365, Days 76-80

Day 76, February 1, 2011: A huge snowstorm came through the area. We were lucky to miss the worst of it, but still got hammered all night long with snow and wind.

Day 77: The day after the storm. Huge piles and drifts were everywhere. The wind blew all day long, even though it wasn’t snowing, causing our driveway and road to drift shut several times.

Day 78: Thankfully, this cage didn’t have a rabbit in it. The storm blew lots of snow into the rabbit area, but the cages with rabbits were not full of snow.

Day 79: Janelle had a cake decorating meeting today and did a Valentine cake and several cookies. They tasted as good as they look 🙂

Day 80: What’s so special about a laundry hamper? It’s empty!! This hardly ever happens in our house, so when it does, it is newsworthy.

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