Project 365, Days 81-89

Day 81, February 6: Super Bowl Sunday. In our house, even the puppy wears Packers clothes for the big game.

Day 82: Greg at practice for The Wizard of Oz. He’s the Tinman.

Day 83: Eric went with a couple of his friends to Lambeau Field to welcome home the Super Bowl Champion Green Bay Packers. The temperatures were in the single digits, but the guys didn’t mind.

Day 84: Another swap from the Homeschool Lounge. I can’t wait to start the crochet and stitchery projects!

Day 85: It’s 7:06am and the temp is almost -12. If I had gotten my camera out when I first got up, the temp would have shown a couple of degrees colder. The sun is warming up the thermometer, if 12 below can be called “warming up”

Day 86: Our farm on a cold winter day

Day 87: One of the kittens in the barn, hanging out in a drinking cup.

Day 88: 3 days later, and it’s in the 40s! These temps are much nicer. I’m not sure why the thermometer has the max temp listed as 193. It wasn’t that warm 🙂

Day 89: Biology class again. This time, they’re dissecting grasshoppers. For some reason the grasshoppers smelled worse than any of the other things we’ve dissected so far.

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