Project 365, Days 90-98

Day 90, February 15: All the snow is melting and we can see the grass. The grass is brown, but it is grass! WooHoo!

Day 91: All the melting snow means that puppy gets muddy feet when he goes outside. He’s always leaving little puppy-print trails in the dining room.

Day 92, February 17, 3 months done: Janelle is busy feeding her bunnies. DJ the bunny seems to be interested in getting out of his cage. And, just for the record, that’s water in the bottle. She’s not giving her bunnies Pepsi 🙂

Day 93: Some of our heifers

Day 94: George the cat prefers to ride on shoulders to get around the farm. Walking is just too much work.

Day 95: See all the bare ground? Now notice the line of clouds that’s coming our way, predicted to deliver a lot of snow in the next 2 days. That could mean the end of all the wonderful bare ground. 😦

Day 96: Forecasts were correct. We got a lot of snow before it finally quit snowing sometime Monday night. It looks like winter again.

Day 97: Greg as the Tinman, along with Scarecrow and Cowardly Lion, posing for publicity photos for The Wizard of Oz. Only 4 weeks to opening night.

Day 98: Janelle decided to sleep on the floor of her room, so Blizzard decided to curl up with her.

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