Project 365, Days 99-105

Day 99, February 24: Janelle and Blizzard πŸ™‚

Day 100: That cute little puppy in the previous picture decided to go play in the mud. I had to drop what I was doing and give him a bath before he left mud all over the house. Most of the mud washed down the bathtub drain, but there was enough left that I had to clean the tub when the bath was done.

Day 101: More snow. This time, Eric didn’t quite make it into the driveway. The tractor had to be used to pull him out of the snowbank.

Day 102: Blizzard posing for a picture.

Day 103: Biology class. This week we’re dissecting squid, which were really gross. They smelled so bad.

Day 104: It’s less than a month to opening night of The Wizard of Oz. We’re practicing 3 nights a week and soon will be adding more practices. At least it looks like Greg knows his lines since he doesn’t have his script in his hand.

Day 105: That’s Janelle’s hat on Eric’s head. For some reason, he likes to wear it; he even wore it to church one Sunday πŸ™‚

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