Project 365, Days 106-115

Day 106, March 3: Eric fell asleep while watching a DVD for Bible class. It turns out he was actually sick, not just tired.

Day 107: Blizzard needed a bath and looked so cute all wrapped up in a blanket 🙂

Day 108: This is Chinchi. She’s a Netherland Dwarf, almost 1 year old. She got her name from her coloring, which is called chincilla. She’s one of 9 rabbits on our farm at the moment.

Day 109: Greg, aka Tinman, is really getting into his axe-swinging role

Day 110: More play practice. This time, it’s Janelle’s turn to practice her Munchkin dancing.

Day 111: What happens when a white puppy goes outside in the spring? He gets a lot of baths (and I get a lot of little muddy footprints on my floor)

Day 112: March 9 brought more snow. Several more inches fell. At least it’s March so that means spring should be coming soon.

Day 113: Janelle had another cake decorating meeting. At this meeting, they did cupcakes. Her creations included a lion, a dog and spaghetti and meatballs.

Day 114: A beautiful sunset

Day 115: Greg bought 10 chickens at a local swap meet. This is one of them. She’s a Spitzhauben, which is one of Greg’s favorite breeds.

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