Rabbits and roosters and hens, oh my

The 4-H season has officially started in our house. How do I know this? It’s quite simple, really. Yesterday I had the pleasure of spending the morning at the annual small animal swap meet. What is a “small animal swap meet” you ask? Allow me to explain.

Picture an exhibition building at the fairgrounds. It’s 7:00 in the morning and the building is full of row after row of vendors selling small animals. There are rabbits in every size and color imaginable. Full grown hens and roosters. Baby chicks. Pigeons. Ducks and geese. Guinea hens. Peacocks. Dogs.  Of course, all the animals are making noise, so the building is noisy. It’s also very warm. And, obviously, the animals all have their own unique odors that are mingling with the smells coming from the food stand.

Sound like fun?  It is if you’re looking for the necessary animals for your rabbit and poultry 4-H projects. This day has been anticipated and planned for in our house. Janelle was excited to look for rabbits to replace several that died over the winter. Greg was ready to start his chicken flock. He had chickens in the past, but last summer decided to go to South Africa on a mission trip instead of doing poultry.

Janelle was thrilled to find a pair of Dwarf Hotots, adorable little white bunnies with what looks like black eyeliner around the eyes. She had a pair last year, and they were her favorites, but they didn’t survive the winter. An added bonus is that the female might be pregnant, so we might get more. She also found some Mini Rex, Lionhead, Netherland Dwarf and Mini Lop.

Greg was also successful. He found a pair of his all-time favorite bird, the Appenzellar Spitzhauben. He also bought a pair of Rosecombs, a Phoenix, a trio of Bramhas, a Polish and a Hamburg.

Here are some photos of our purchases:

baby bunnies.jpg

A Lionhead                                                                   Dwarf Hotot                                                       5 babies

Bad hair day.jpg Spithauben rooster.jpg Hamburg rooster.jpg

What make a Polish unique?                                      Spitzhauben Rooster                                 Hamburg rooster–he’s mean
The hairdo!  🙂

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