Project 365, Days 124-135

Day 124, March 21: This is Zack. He played one of the flying monkeys in The Wizard of Oz
Day 125: The Munchkins are practicing their curtain call. That’s Janelle in the middle, wearing a red shirts, flowered skirt and purple leggings.
Day 126: Carl and Harriet. They are 2 of our big rabbits, weighing (we hope) over 10 pounds each. They are Silver Fox.
Day 127: OK, I didn’t take this one. It was taken by a friend of  my daughter. This was my big scene in the Wizard of Oz. I am the tree on the right 🙂
Day 128: Greg as the Tinman “If I only  had a heart”
Day 129: I know, more Oz pictures. It pretty much dominated our lives for a week. Here, they’re almost to the Emerald City
Day 130: It’s the end of March and temperatures at night are down in the single-digits. That’s too cold for these little birds. They’re full grown and weight somewhere around a pound. The rooster was getting frost bite in his comb, so we had to bring them in the house for a few days. They stayed in this cage in our spare bathroom. The biggest problem with this arrangement? A little before 6:00 every morning, the rooster started to crow and kept it up for a full hour.
Day 131: Our last dissection in Biology. This week, we did sharks. Eric and Jed just watched the girls do the dissecting.
Day 132: Blizzard loves to play outside with Jet. The problem is getting him to come back in. Jet came in, as you can see, but he’s not allowed in the house. Blizzard just sat outside the door 🙂
Day 133: All Greg’s new birds are producing eggs!! I haven’t washed all of these yet, but this is what we have so far. We get anywhere from 2-5 eggs a day right now.
Day 134:  I had carpal tunnel surgery today to try to relieve pain that’s been bothering me for over 2 years.
Day 135: I love these hair clips!! They are flexi clips from Lilla Rose and come in several sizes and colors. They are great!!

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