Blogging through the Gospels: Matthew 1

I finished reading the Bible in 90 Days on Friday and was wondering what I was going to be reading next. Before I could decide, Amy from Mom’s Toolbox posted the next study she was hosting another 90 day challenge–Blogging through the Gospels. And, just like that, I had found my next study.

When blogging, Amy uses a method called “SOAP”, which stands for Scripture, Observation, Application, Prayer. This is explained in more detail here.  Each Sunday, she will post the reading schedule for that week. This week’s schedule is found here.

Today’s reading: Matthew 1

Scripture: Matthew 1:24: When Joseph woke up, he did as the angel of the Lord commanded and took Mary as his wife.

Observation: Joseph obeyed. He didn’t argue or whine, hesitate or complain. He did what was commanded. It wasn’t what he thought was best, but it was what God knew was best. Joseph didn’t procrastinate. He obeyed when he woke up.

Application: I need to obey like Joseph. I don’t see God’s whole plan. I don’t know the end or how things will turn out, but God does. When he tells me to do something, I need to obey. How often do I hesitate, putting it off until “later”? Or argue with him? When I obey, do I whine and complain while doing what He told me to do?

Prayer: Dear Lord, I need to trust you enough to obey you, no questions asked, when you tell me what to do. I know that you want what is best for me. Help me to obey you like Joseph did, instantly and without questioning or complaining.

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