Project 365, Days 136-141

Day 136, April 2: Blizzard found a new hiding place. Unfortunately, it means I have a few more dishes to wash before we can use them again 🙂
Day 137: About 5 days ago, Janelle hurt her foot. Since it still was swollen and very sore, we brought her in for X-rays. It’s not broken, but she gets to wear this stylish boot for a week or two until it heals.
Day 138: Some friends of ours had a few too many kittens, so 4 of them found a new home on our farm. This is 2 of them. The other 2 are camera shy and run any time I try to take their picture.
Day 139: Due to the special boot on her foot and all the mud, Janelle has to put a plastic bag on her foot when she goes out to take care of her bunnies everyday.
Day 140: This little heifer got out of her pen. She spent several hours running around the farm, including chasing one of our dogs off the front lawn.
Day 141: Janelle. Not much more to say on this one

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