Project 365, Days 165-171

Day 165, May 1: The weather is turning nicer and that means it’s time for geocaching again!! Yea!!
Day 166: Janelle and her friend are busy practicing for “Felicity”, one of the American Girl plays that the co-op class is performing.
Day 167: Spring cleaning means making a few decorative changes around the house. I’m working on the kitchen right now.
Day 168: Those clouds mean one thing. Yep. More rain. One of these days it’ll dry up enough for me to get in the garden.
Day 169; For some reason, this picture turned out really small. But, anyway, it’s Eric at the first 4-H dog meeting of the year. He hasn’t worked with Jet since the fair last August. Could be interesting.
Day 170: Part of cleaning the kitchen this year meant getting rid of the clutter above the cupboards.
Day 171: Greg participated in a Youth in Harmony Festival today. There were about 30 guys, from local middle and high-schools participating. The day ended with a mini-concert.

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