31 Days to Clean–The Six List

Homemakers Challenge - 31 Days to Clean
This week while working through the 31 Days to Clean book by Sarah Mae, I learned about “The Six List”. It’s a way of organizing, focusing and getting things done. Each night, before I go to bed, I make a list of the 6 things I want to get done the next day and write them down. The next day, I do those things. If I don’t get something done, it goes on the list for the next day.
The list has helped me keep on task more this week. There’s something about being able to check something off a list that I like 🙂 It makes me feel like I’m getting something accomplished. There was only one day where I got everything done that I had planned, but I’m OK with that. The things that didn’t get done one day were top priority the next and actually got done.
So, what about the actual house cleaning, you may ask? Well, this week I finished cleaning the kitchen. My cupboards are clean, inside and out. I threw out food that was beyond it’s expiration date and got rid of things that I don’t use. I rearranged the cupboards to better accommodate the needs of the family. The kitchen is looking good. At least until the next meal time.

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