Project 365, Days 172-179

Day 172, May 8: Mother’s Day meant a rose from Janelle. The flowers in the background are ones I got from Roland for planting outside, if the weather ever cooperates.
Day 173: Practicing for the American Girl plays in the co-op class.
Day 174: Janelle had a tooth pulled today. Half her mouth is numb, so she had a hard time smiling. Isn’t she cute?
Day 175: One of Janelle’s rabbits had 7 babies. They are so small right now, but will end up being about 12 pounds each. That’s big for a rabbit. I’m not sure where we’re going to put all these guys when they get bigger.
Day 176: This is Raspberry Lake. It’s not very big. I’m not sure it’s big enough to really be called a lake. But, there is a geocache hidden here somewhere. It’s been found by me 🙂
Day 177: Spring cleaning has hit the Ritzema house. Everything came out of the cupboards today before being either put back or moved to a different location. It’s such a mess now, but will be nice when it’s finally done.
Day 178: This is our junk drawer, after cleaning. It may not look very clean and organized, but before this, we could hardly get it closed because of all the junk. I guess that’s why it’s called a junk drawer.
Day 179: This is DJ. He like tipping over his food dish and sitting on it. Silly rabbit.

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