Projesct 365, Days 180-186

Day 180: Eric is finally old enough to play on the church softball team. Today was their first game. It was cold, but a lot of fun. Eric played a great game, but his team lost.
Day 181, May 17, 6 months done!! The first garden box, all planted. This one has lettuce, radishes, carrots, and spinach. We have 8 of these boxes. I hope to get the other 7 done soon.
Day 182: This is Skunk. He or she (we don’t know which yet) is one of the babies born about 2 weeks ago. This one is also Janelle’s favorite, even though the white line on it’s head means it’s not a show-quality Silver Fox. Doesn’t matter. It’s cute.
Day 183: Blizzard wants to drive somewhere 🙂
Day 184: This is a pond in Fond du Lac with a hiking path around it. There’s a gazebo and lots of ducks and geese.
Day 185: Now it’s Jet’s turn in the car. Anytime the door is left open, he goes in. Unlike Blizzard, we can’t just pick him up and get him out. He weighs 100 pounds!!
Day 186: Another freezer cooking day and once again I have food in the freezer! WooHoo!!

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