Project 365, Days 187-195

Day 187, May 23: This is what happens when your fur gets all matted because you insist on running around the farm with the big dogs. You get your fur shaved. Next time maybe he’ll let Janelle brush him without trying to bite her.
Day 188: This is where Blizzard spends every night. He sleeps on Janelle’s pillow. It’s a good thing she has more than one pillow.
Day 189: Greg has taken over the job of mowing the lawn. He seems to really enjoy it.
Day 190: Janelle spends Thursday evenings at dog meetings, working with Blizzard on obedience. So far, he refuses to walk on his leash, but loves to be carried 🙂
Day 191: Eric working at the 4-H brat stand. We do this every Memorial Day weekend with our 4-H club.
Day 192: Janelle spends a lot of time practicing her sewing, one of her 4-H projects.
Day 193: Blizzard loves to find new things to fall asleep in.
Day 194: Memorial Day means bonfire with friends. We had a wonderful evening cooking brats and pudgie pies and smores. The boys had fun with paintball and airsoft guns.
Day 195:  Our baby bunnies are getting so big. They’re starting to eat and drink from mama’s dishes.

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