Project 365, Days 196-207

Day 196, June 1: 2 lazy dogs enjoying a beautiful, warm day. There haven’t been too many warm days so far this spring.
Day 197: Janelle started violin lessons. Here, she’s showing off her new violin.
Day 198: VBS skit practice. It’s different this year because none of my kids are in it. There’s usually at least 1 Ritzema in the skits.
Day 199: Our homeschool co-op group performed 3 plays based on the American Girl books. This one is Felicity. Janelle played the part of Felicity.
Day 200: Eric didn’t want his picture taken 🙂
Day 201: This was a church softball team of historic significance. For the first time ever, 2 teams from our church played each other. It was a great game and a lot of  fun, but Eric’s team didn’t win.
Day 202: The day started out with our cows getting out. They really enjoyed their adventure into the field that had lots of freshly cut hay, and even more waiting to be cut.
Day 203: More skit practice. Who is that masked man and what is he looking for?
Day 204: 4-H meeting. We met outside on a dairy farm in honor of June Dairy Month. The meeting was cut short by a thunderstorm.
Day 205: Final practice for the skits.
Day 206: Getting the boys to clean their room has a drawback–the amount of laundry I suddenly have piling up increases. This is a small pile compared to what usually comes out of that room.
Day 207: Greg is ready to leave for his mission trip to Canada. He’s going to spend a week helping to get a camp ready for the summer season.

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