Project 365, Days 208-215

Day 208, June 13: Today was the first day of VBS. The theme this year is a rock concert. Eric is part of a band that plays during the opening and closing sessions of VBS. In order to fit in with the rock theme, he decided to get a mohawk.
Day 209: Janelle and I had to kill some time after VBS, before her piano lesson. We wandered around the mall and Janelle decided to take a break on the kiddie rides.  🙂
Day 210: It was Blizzard’s 1st birthday today. No birthday is complete without a party. Blizzard didn’t get to eat any of the cake, but he did get presents.
Day 211: Thursday was “crazy hair” day at VBS. As if a mohawk isn’t crazy enough, Eric colored his. He’s also decided that he likes the new hairstyle and wants to keep it.
Day 212, June 17, end of month 7: The 5th grade girls dancing to the VBS music.
Day 213: After a hard day in the field, Roland has a hard time staying awake. I’m not sure how he sleeps in some of these positions.
Day 214: Janelle goofing off at church
Day 215: Grace church softball. Eric’s team won 11-1
Day 216: A rainy day. Thankfully, it wasn’t as rainy as it was predicted to be, but there were thunderstorm and tornado watches and warnings.

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