Bible in 90 Days is Beginning soon!!

Amy at Mom’s Toolbox is once again hosting the Bible in 90 Days. What is the Bible in 90 Days you ask? It’s a plan that has you read the Bible all the way through in 90 days. Yes, just 90 days. It is possible. I did it in the Spring, from January-April and can’t wait to start all over again. This time, I’m signed up to be a mentor to others who are going through the plan. This session begins July 11 and goes to October 8.

When I started in January, I honestly didn’t think I’d be finishing, but figured even if I got part way through, it was better than nothing, right? I was amazed at how easy it really was. I set aside time each day to read and I also used an app on my phone, You Version, that has many different reading plan options and many different Bible translations. All I had to do was choose my reading plan (and, yes, it has Bible in 90 Days!) and it told me what I needed to read each day. When I had a few minutes, usually while waiting for my kids, I could grab my phone and read. Depending on the day, I usually figured about an hour of reading time total to complete the daily reading. That’s really not too bad, is it? I frequently spend an hour on the computer, or I can easily spend that much (and more!) reading other books.

To find out more about the Bible in 90 Days ministry, go here.  Would you like to join us in reading the Bible in 90 Days? You can sign up at Mom’s Toolbox.

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