Project 365, Days 219-223

Day 219: One problem with having dogs–they like to dig. We have several large holes in front of our house. They’ve dug up my flower pots. Little Blizzard here isn’t the biggest culprit. He’ll happily play in the holes dug by the other 2 dogs, but he doesn’t dig them so much. The other day, I heard something hitting my front door. When I looked out, there was Buddy, our Blue Heeler, happily digging the hole in this photo, dirt flying all over.
Day 220: Dinner tonight: Coconut fried chicken, Ramen noodles (quick & easy, gotta love them), lettuce, and fresh fruit.
Day 221: Eric at his softball game. They won 14-0 🙂
Day 222: My lawn care service: 3 of the Reddersen boys came to help with the lawn and garden. Our mower had broken down and the lawn, after a week of rain, was so long that our puppy could get lost in it (and that’s not an exaggeration!). These boys spent 2 afternoons helping out. Yea for good friends!!
Day 223: The finished result: A mowed and trimmed lawn (I know, it needs raking, but I can’t find our rake) and a weed-free garden. 2 days ago, the garden boxes in the background couldn’t be seen from the house.

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