Getting Organized

This week, I took on a challenge from The Homemaker’s Challenge at Joyful Mothering. This week’s challenge was to spend 10 minutes, 3 times a day cleaning and organizing: 10 min in the morning to get something done from your to-do list, 10 minutes in the afternoon to pick up the house, and 10 min at night to put the house back together. I only got one thing done from my to-do list this week. Why? Because it was  a huge job. I wish I had taken a “before” photo, but I didn’t. My chosen task was to organize my homeschool closet. This is the closet that has all my homeschool supplies, books we’re not using at the moment, and pretty much anything else that ends up in there. Some people have a “junk drawer”; I have a “junk closet”. It took me close to an hour total to get it done, shelf  by shelf. I purged and recycled, although I probably still have too many office supplies by some people’s standards.

Here’s my “after” photo:

I realized that if this closet gets organized, there is room in here for some of my cookbooks and things that normally don’t have a home. Isn’t it amazing what a little organization will do?
Would you like to join in the weekly Homemaker’s Challenge? There’s a new challenge each week. If so, click here

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