Project 365, Days 229-235

Day 229, July 5: If you look real close, you can see Blizzard sleeping soundly in my basket of clean socks. He loves to sleep in my laundry baskets.
Day 230: Blizzard, again.
Day 231: We got a shipment of baby chicks today! These little guys will taste so good in about 8 weeks 🙂
Day 232: A great way to spend a summer evening–bonfire with friends.
Day 233: In addition to the baby chicks, one of Greg’s pairs of pigeons hatched an egg this week. The baby pigeon is in the lower right corner, all pink and feather-less. Not the cutest little thing, but he should get some feathers soon.
Day 234: Yes, it’s an animal kind of week around here. Not only does Blizzard love to sleep in my laundry baskets, he loves to sleep with anything of Janelle’s. This time, he hauled her flip flop into my basket for the ultimate in sleeping comfort and enjoyment.
Day 235: Janelle and I spent 3 hours cleaning bunny cages. Janelle is supposed to be spraying the cages. However, since it’s so hot, I don’t mind a little water 🙂

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