Hey! It's my counter!

This week’s Homemaker’s Challenge from Joyful Mothering was to spend 5 minutes twice a day eliminating clutter in our “I’m going to go insane spot”, or hot spot, or disaster area, or whatever you call it. I have several of these areas in my house, but chose the 2 worst to work on.

The first, my kitchen counter. This before picture was taken after I had already spent a few minutes working on it because I forgot to take a picture first. It looked much worse. Really.

And, after a couple of 5 minute clean-up sessions, it now looks like this:
My other area was my kitchen table. You know, the area where we not only eat, but pile our junk, do school work, pile our junk, sit and talk, pile our junk…you get the picture.
Here’s the before. Yes, that is a sock left by my son, but it is clean 🙂
And, now after. It’s clean enough to eat off of:
Want to join in the challenges? Come over to Joyful Mothering each Friday for a new challenge.

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