Project 365, Days 236-239

Day 236, July 13: This is Josh. For a couple of weeks this summer he’s been my 3rd son. When one of my sons has been gone on a mission trip, he’s spent the week helping out with milking and chores. We’ll make a farmer out of this city boy yet 🙂
Day 237: One housekeeping challenge that I took on this week was to spend 5 minutes a day conquering a “hot spot”, one of those areas that junk seems to accumulate. My table is one of those spots, but it looks good for now.
Day 238: With the help of Josh and his brother, Daniel, we now have a nice area for keeping our baby chicks. Jet is waiting for one of them to try to escape, but it’s built too good for that.
Day 239: Greg got an early birthday present. For the last 3 years all he’s wanted has been a St Bernard puppy. When we saw one advertised locally for a very good price, we went and got him. Welcome to the family Kaiser Wilhelm III. (That’s Kaiser, for short)

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