Project 365, Days 254-259

Day 254, July 31: Finishing 4-H projects before the Alto Fair has become our main activity. Janelle is working on a  scrapbook page, one of 6 items she still needs to finish.
Day 255: Eric’s last softball game of the season. His team lost again.
Day 256: More 4-H. This is Skunk, Janelle’s Jr Doe Silver Fox. This is the rabbit that Janelle uses for showmanship, so she needs to practice with her a lot to perfect her speech for the judge.
Day 257: What happens when you mix leftover 4th of July sparklers with a 16 year old boy? 6 sparklers taped together and a larger-than-normal flame 🙂
Day 258: The last regular dog meeting of the 4-H season. Eric has been working with Jet, trying to get him to cooperate for the agility part of the dog show. Jet, however, has different ideas. Instead of jumping over that hurdle, he runs right through it.
Day 259: Kaiser Wilhelm III

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