Alto Fair, Aug 10-11

Our “big fair” of our 4-H year is actually a very small fair. Technically, it is a 2 day fair in the small town of Alto, WI. For those of us who show animals, it is longer than a 2 day fair. We set up the animal tent on Monday, bring all projects to the fair on Tuesday, go through all the judging on Wednesday, spend Thursday at the fair before taking everything home at night and return on Friday to clean up. Counting all animal, non-animal and showmanship entries this year, my family had 61 entries at the fair.

Tuesday was the day to get the animals ready for showing. Our day was spent bathing 6 pigs, 2 dogs and 17 chickens. Thankfully, we had help from 2 cousins from Iowa and 3 friends who came to help.

animal prep 1.jpg

animal prep 2.jpg

animal prep 3.jpg

animal prep 4.jpg
Wednesday was the big judging day. The boys showed 2 pigs, both Janelle and Eric had a dog in the dog obedience show. Greg showed a total of 20 birds (chickens and pigeons) and Janelle had 9 rabbits being shown. We spent the day going from one judging to the next. The day ended with the livestock auction, where the boys sold their pigs. After a 13+ hour day, we finally collapsed at home.

Thursday was an easier day, where we just hung out at the fair and then took all our projects, except the pigs, back home. It’s always a busy week, but always a lot of fun.

Eric showing pigs.jpg

Greg showing pigs.jpg

poultry showmanship.jpg

showing birds.jpg
Jet dog show.jpg
Blizzard dog show.jpg
showing rabbits.jpg

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