Project 365, Days 260-267

Day 260, Aug 6: These are Janelle’s ceramics projects for the fair
Day 261: Greg’s ceramics projects
Day 262: Practicing for the dog show at the fairgrounds. Blizzard is doing a great job of staying. Janelle wanted to bring him along to the fairgrounds during set-up time tonight so that Blizzard would get used to the location and the extra commotion before having to show off at the fair.
Day 263: Today was the day to get all the animals ready for the fair. Cousins Abbey and Devin from Iowa were here to join in all the preparations and excitement. Here, the kids are taking a break from all the work to have some fun with the dogs.
Day 264: Judging day at the fair. Here, Janelle is showing Skunk, her Silver Fox that she showed in the Pet class. Skunk won her class šŸ™‚
Day 265: Relaxing after a long day at the fair
Day 266: This is one of Eric’s ceramics projects, his chess set. It’s so hard to get a good picture of it. Trust me. It’s gorgeous! It almost makes me want to learn how to play chess.
Day 267: Janelle came home from the fair with 2 new rabbits. These are 4 month old Flemish Giants. The picture doesn’t show how big they really are. At only 4 months, they huge and are going to be getting bigger.

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