Project 365, Days 268-273

Day 268, Aug 14: This cow is currently hanging out in our front lawn. She’s hurt and being on grass makes it easier for her to stand up. She had to be pulled out here on a large piece of plywood being pulled by the skidloader.
Day 269: It’s Homeschool Lounge Swap time again. This was a secret sister swap. My secret sister sent me all the great things here, including lots of chocolate 🙂
Day 270: The injured cow couldn’t stand on her own, so she got some help from this water tank. She spent the day relaxing in a “cow hot tub”.
Day 271, August 17, month 9: Kaiser has figured out how to have fun in the dirt digging holes with his friends
Day 272: A boy and his growing dog.
Day 273: Does Jet look guilty? He managed to get into the house and was found eating Kaiser’s food. As soon as he saw me, he made a very quick exit.

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