Project 365, Days 274-282

Day 274, August 20: Kaiser is a very lazy dog. I filled his food dish and set it down about 2 feet away from where he was laying. He barked at me, wanting me to move it closer to him, so he could eat without getting up. When I didn’t cooperate, he stretched out his huge paw and pulled the dish over to him. Now, he could eat without wasting any extra energy on unimportant things like standing up.
Day 275: We went to the wedding of some friends. I tried to talk Greg into dancing with somebody, but he refused. So, here is a picture of him watching the dancing 🙂
Day 276: Yeah. He’s getting big.
Day 277: Greg and his dog (or is it a horse? It’s hard to tell)
Day 278: We got a dozen chicken eggs to hatch in our incubator. We’ll see what we get in 21 days. If this works, it will be a miracle. Our incubator is having a hard time keeping a steady temperature.
Day 279: It’s school time again. Yea!! (The kids don’t share  my enthusiasm)
Day 280: Janelle and her friend found new baby kittens in the hay loft. There are 5 of them–3 solid black, 1 black with white paws, and one striped (like Mama cat)
Day 281: A view of the back of the farm. I don’t get back here too often.
Day 282: Janelle is helping Josh fix some holes in the silo bags behind the barn.

One thought on “Project 365, Days 274-282

  1. Wow! Big puppy! 🙂 He’s adorable though, as is the kitten. I’ve always joked that since I never had a pony as a child, I would one day get a dog big enough to ride, lol. St Bernards are gorgeous, and I’m looking forward to seeing your Kaiser as he gets older!

    Good luck with your school year. We are pretty relaxed homeschoolers here, but even so, I can sympathize with you being more enthused than your kiddos. I will get the “awwww, already?” and the feet dragging next week when we officially start back to school. It’s funny…I really don’t think they mind, they just feel like they need to keep up with their public school friends who bemoan the back to school thing, lol.

    Homeschooling mom of kiddos whose main educational goal is to one day beat her at hangman. (Never gonna happen, btw)

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